I wrote last month on the insanity of South Australian politics. Clean, efficient coal-fired power stations were shut down to be replaced by subsidised wind mills. It didn’t work, so the state imported electricity from the neighboring state of Victoria, electricity generated by burning coal.

They then engaged Elon Musk to build a 100Mw battery to store excess energy in a grid of 3,000Mw. Quite pointless – too small and very expensive.

So now the government has just announced that South Australia will be installing two or more diesel fired power stations. At a cost of up to $0.5 billion.

This will cement the state as having, by far, the world’s most expensive electricity. And ensuring that departed industries, such as car plants, will never return.

Two years ago, the state’s chief, Jay Weatherill, said:

“We are determined to make Adelaide (the state’s capital) a showcase city for low-carbon and clean technologies to attract investment, drive innovation and create new jobs”

The reality is that the state now has the country’s highest unemployment and virtually no industry. Electricity production is now subsidised, and more polluting than in the past. Worse, the government is spending millions advertising how clever it has been in developing such a foolish energy policy.

This madness has ruined the state’s economy, but you can guarantee other left-wing states, such as Victoria, will follow. All because of the unfounded belief that, somehow, carbon dioxide is bad. Try convincing the average tree.