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The site was hacked in early March, 2014 and data recovery was not complete until late May. There were no visitors during that period. The period covered is therefore only five months.

An Excellent Graphic on US Debt – This Won’t End Well

This post covers a number of bases. We all know that the US is a declining power, the money printing is part of the effort to delay the end game. So is the US false flag in Ukraine, Libya etc.  This chart effectively shows one of many problems ahead for the empire. Read the post here.

Selling Metal Concentrates: Payable Metal, Treatment Charges, Penalties, Terms of Sale

This post has been perennially popular since I published it in 2013. Concentrate pricing is a complex and poorly understood part of the resource supply chain. And yet it is a very important factor for much resource sector investment. Read the post here.

So who’s buying the S&P500

Well no one really, other than companies within the index. Read the post here.

The Petrodollar: How Much Longer?

The USD is in serious decline as a reserve currency. The creation of the petrodollar (Nixon & Kissinger) has been one the most brilliant economic strategies ever devised. But its decline will severely damage the US. Read the post here.

Famous Geology Quotes

This is amazing,  I am a geologist and have a natural affinity for Mother Earth. But I never thought such “earthy quotes” would interest anyone else. I guess my readers see that any political narrative is irrelevant when compared with the importance of our barely understood Earth. Read the post here.