Global zinc production in 2020 is estimated to be 12Mt, less than 2019 due to the COVID panic. The biggest producers were China, Peru and Australia. World zinc reserves are 250Mt and resources about 1.9Bt.

Zinc has been known since Roman times but rarely used until recent times. The Chinese were the first to produce it in significant volumes in the 1500’s. Interestingly, in Europe zinc is considered to have been discovered in 1746.

Zinc is primarily used to coat other metals (galvanize), mostly iron and steel, to prevent rusting. It is also used extensively in die casting and in many products such as paints and plastics. It is essential for all life.

The following companies are all primarily focused on zinc, including explorers, developers, and producers. The list does not include the large producers such as BHP and South32 or those that have zinc as a secondary project/s.

CompanyASX CodeShare
 Price (c)
Shares on
 Issue (M)
 Cap (M)
Alara Resources LtdAUQ1.37059.2Khnaiguiyah zinc-copper, Saudi Arabia
Albion Resources LtdALB20285.6Several projects on Lennard shelf, WA
Alta Zinc LtdAZI8.729125Gorno lead-zinc, Northern Italy
Apollo Minerals LtdAON1038639Kroussou, Gabon
Consolidated Zinc LtdCZL4.130112Plomosas, Mexico
Heron Resources LtdHRR5.442923Woodlawn, NSW
Ironbark Zinc LtdIBG2.2120326Citronen, Greenland
New Century Resources LtdNCZ21.51210260Century, QLD
Orion Minerals LtdORN3.74125153Prieska, South Africa
Peel Mining LtdPEX29.5418123Cobar, NSW
Red River Resources LtdRVR24.5518127Thalanga, QLD
Superior Lake Resources LtdSUP15.516526Superior Lake, Canada
Terramin Australia LtdTZN3.1211766Tala Hamza, Algeria
Todd River Resources LtdTRT7.255440Manbarran, McArthur, Mt Hardy, NT
Variscan Mines LtdVAR8.621318Novales & Guajaraz, Spain
White Rock Minerals LtdWRM599053Red Mountain, Alaska
Zinc of Ireland NLZMI61237Kildare, Ireland