The US Federal Reserve (“FED”) has published comics for many years, usually directed towards children and students. The comics are designed to educate, but the main theme is “without the FED we would be ruined”.

The image below is called “the road to success” (no joke), and illustrates how they see the economy – as some mechanical device that must be “steered” by well-meaning bureaucrats.

FED_SteeringFrom “The Story of Monetary Policy”
Federal Reserve Bank of New York

Here’s the FED again, skilfully managing inflation.

FED_INFLFrom “The Story of Inflation”
Federal Reserve Bank of New York

The Federal Open Market Committee (“FOMC”) studies various economic indicators (entrails, tea leaves etc.) before making a decision on monetary policy. This is primarily a target for the federal funds rate.

The image below summarises the massive money printing the FOMC has undertaken to implement the Zero Interest Rate Policy (“ZIRP”). Are they saying it’s money down the drain?

FED_FOMCFrom “The Story of Monetary Policy”
Federal Reserve Bank of New York

Now to be fair, there is some useful information for students in the comic book series, it is just a little difficult to find. An example is the image below on compound interest. Mind you, doubling savings would be difficult under ZIRP.


From “A Penny Saved”
Federal Reserve Bank of New York



Hat Tip. The comics are well drawn and well written.

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