Last week the US released a Senate report on CIA torture. Apparently the torture included “rectal feeding”, which sounds more like sexual assault to me. Anyway, it appears little was gained from the torture, perhaps other than gratifying retribution. It has been known for centuries that torture doesn’t work. The person in pain will say whatever he thinks is wanted to stop the pain, even if death is the result.

Then this week the Washington Post released poll results that showed most of those surveyed supported torture. Appalling.

Dick Cheney was Vice President to George W Bush. He was, and remains, a warmonger. Yet he got FIVE deferments to avoid serving in Vietnam.  When asked about the torture under his watch he said; “I’d do it again in a minute.” Of course he has made his fortune from Halliburton, the poster child for continual US war.

Anyway I highly recommend you watch this brief video – Jesse Ventura on Dick. Jesse is a former US Navy SEAL, professional wrestler and former Governor of the US state of Minnesota. He has a provoking website called Off The Grid that is well worth a visit.

The end result of these disclosures of torture will be to further turn the rest of the world against the US. If that is even possible. Expect more moves away from the US dollar, etc., etc.